"Thanks to Flow Consulting, today we have an atmosphere of
mutual respect and open communication within Swasth India”

Ankur Pegu
Swasth India


Journey to FLOWSM

Our flagship change management program for corporates – Journey to FLOWSM - enables organizations to:

  • Align their strategy, structure, processes and people

  • Make the transition from entrepreneurship to professional management

  • Resolve internal conflicts and politics that escalate to the extent that they inhibit the success of the business

  • Rapidly implement fundamental systemic as well as process improvements in a co-operative manner

  • Regain entrepreneurial vitality and flexibility, when bureaucratization leads organization to be out of touch with its markets, customers and competitors


Organization Lifecycle Assessment


  • Identifying important areas for improvement to meet organisational goals
  • Getting issues out into the open, in order to be dealt with
  • Shifting ownership for change from few members to all participants
  • Allowing trust, co-operation and team work to emerge; creating necessary energy and atmosphere for change

Corporate Strategy


  • Clear definition of organisation's market / product scope well as its key strategies for success
  • Refine strategy to meet accelerated changes and demands of the marketplace
  • Involve all stakeholders from the start for strategy formulation to ensure ownership for strategy implementation

Organisational Structure


  • Determining the optimal way to assign roles, responsibilities and authority  for different markets and products
  • Alignment of structure with vision, values, strategy, management information, resource allocation and rewards
  • Managing turf wars and confusion that are inevitably involved in any corporate restructuring change effort

Accountability Systems


  • Design accountability systems to be congruent with responsibilities of the new structure
  • Clear definition of individual accountabilities and critical success measures for the entire organisation
  • Designing financial systems to provide timely information in a format to be useful to assess performance

Reward Systems


  • Designing reward systems that reflect cooperation and team achievement
  • Motivating people to perform in a manner consistent with the organisation's new mission, goals and accountabilities

Business Process Improvement


  • Develop leadership amongst team members for managing the change process
  • Training  participants on team management, goal setting, problem solving, delegation,  and role definition
  • Transfer processes and methodologies that will enable the organization to institutionalize a self-managing system that facilitates change; improves cooperation; enhances teamwork; and builds a responsive, flexible organisation