"This was one of the best workshops we have attended in our careers.
Thanks again Flow Consulting for bringing out the best in all of us"

Head of Finance
Largest Media House

Workshops and Talks

FLOW KnowledgeSM

Our workshops and talks provide access to powerful tools and concepts under our workshop series FLOW KnowledgeSM These enable senior and middle level managers and internal change agents to become more effective business partners.

Understanding corporate performance using Organization Lifecycle


• Understand why your organization has the problems it has?
• Which problems are normal? Which are pathological and need remediation?
• How do organizations grow, age, and renew themselves?
• What can you as a business partner do to help your management team understand problems from a lifecycle perspective?
• How can you help your organization avoid the pitfalls of organisational atrophy

Who will benefit
CEO's, senior executives, HR managers, Strategy experts, OD professionals, HR consultants, Management consultants.

Systemic Coaching Program


• Professional training to be a Systemic Coach to leaders in organization
• Ability to explore with leaders the complexity of their context
• Work on values and attitudes of leaders
• Give appreciative and clear feedback
• Support leaders in visualising their future, set goals and look for alternative solutions

Who will benefit
Senior executives, HR managers, Executive coaches, OD professionals, HR & training consultants.

Diversity Management Program


• Provide strategic advantage to organizations to attract and retain key personnel
• Ability to conduct a diversity audit
• Employer marketing and innovative recruitment strategies
• Organization culture as the key to diversity management
• Diversity management in leadership and development of leaders
• Making diversity management success measurable

Who will benefit
Internal HR, OD, Training managers, Departmental and Divisional leaders, External consultants.

Powerful Facilitation


• Skills to lead meetings and facilitate sessions with work groups and teams
• Fostering open participation with respect for culture, norms and participant diversity
• Guiding groups to toward realising their creative and problem solving potential
• Developing conversations needed to promote change
• Managing conflicting views amongst participants
• Creating opportunities for participants to benefit from the diversity of the group

Who will benefit
Professionals from any discipline who wish to skillfully lead and facilitate work groups and teams to meet common goals.

Team Building using MBTI


•Identifying your personality type
• Heightened sensitivity of interpersonal issues
• Increased interpersonal communication skills
• Improved team decision-making skills
• Improved team effectiveness and productivity

Who will benefit
Members of any organization working together – whether as a team or across functions.