"Their insightful MBTI session left us with a deeper awareness of ourselves and their experiential workshop on stakeholder engagement resulted in clear take-away's in terms of concrete tools and new perspectives.”

Vandana Goyal
The Akanksha Foundation

Client Results

IDC India

Opening channels of communication for strategic planning at IDC (India)

Client Challenge

  • The economic slowdown led to depleted energies, cost cutting measures and a lower morale amongst IDC (India) employees.
  • Lack of communication resulting in the existence of a “negative grapevine”, escalating problems further.
  •  Lack of clarity amongst employees on long-term organization goals and strategy, particularly with regard to the next financial year.
  • The top management of IDC contracted Flow Consulting to identify current organization challenges and design solutions for creating communication amongst employees for effective strategic planning.

Our role

  • To identify current organization issues by meeting all employees across functions and hierarchy.
  • To design interventions to bring these “hidden” issues for open communication in a safe responsible manner.
  • To bridge the communication gap between management and employees.


  • Building trust, openness and communication amongst employees resulting in “sensitive” issues being discussed.
  • Alignment and agreement of the executive team around the major issues and creation of a high-level agenda.
  • Identification of key strategic issues to drive profitable growth and improve the competitive position of the business.


“Before moving on to our next financial year planning, we at IDC felt the need to listen to people and their issues. In the last one year during the slowdown, our communication channels may not have worked so well and due to some difficult decisions like salary cuts, we could sense a dip in employee morale.

Flow Consulting carried out a study by talking to each and every individual in the organization and on the basis of that, designed workshops for senior and middle level executives. These two days were spent talking about issues, which were bothering people. And it really resulted in an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect.

Flow Consulting's unique blend of sensing capability and understanding of human behavior helped to bring up the right issue for discussion, at the right time. They really made the energies 'flow'; energies which were stuck for quite some time due to lack of expression.”

Kapil Dev Singh
Country Manager
IDC (India) Limited

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