“I liked the organization lifecycle and the discussions around the model."

Ravi Kodukala
Global Head - Learning & Development
Patni Computer Systems Ltd.

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'Innovative Ideas 2010' a conference on innovation, creating appreciation for Kangaroo Kids Education Limited (KKEL) school curriculum

Client Challenge

  • KKEL is a leading provider of learning systems and services with more than 80 franchisee schools using their innovative school curriculum.
  • The principal’s meeting is an annual event, usually held in the manner of a training workshop.
  • In 2010 KKEL wanted to do something innovative that would allow for interaction and learning amongst various schools. KKEL had a short timeline to achieve this.
  • Keeping the objective of creating an appreciation for their curriculum and also sharing of best learning practices amongst schools, they requested Flow Consulting to design and host a conference.

Our role

  • Create an innovative design and theme for the conference.
  • Partner in the logistics and execution of the project.
  • Conduct a pre-workshop for KKEL participants to orient them to the objectives of the conference.
  • Host the conference   


  • A standing ovation from all participants of the 'Innovative Ideas 2010' at the end of the conference.
  • Appreciation for KKEL curriculum that was presented in an engaging and fun manner in the 'School Bazaar'.
  • Participants wanting to use some of our conference designs such as the 'Wonder Wall' and 'World Cafe' at their schools, for engaging teachers and students.


“Kangaroo Kids Education Limited designs an innovative curriculum whose success ultimately depends on its effective implementation at schools.

The objective of the KKEL principal’s conferences ‘Innovative Ideas 2010’ was to have our school principals appreciate and understand the principles underlying the curriculum and the spirit of its implementation.

Despite the very short timelines and the complexity of the task, Ajay and Payal were able to achieve this objective, in a way, that went beyond our expectations; in the creative and highly engaging way that they designed the conference. Their passion towards the conference was as keen as ours and they guided and assisted us from conceptualization to finish including the mundane details of execution which most others expect clients to look into. They even did a pre-conference interaction (not part of the contract!) that helped bring the entire team on the same page and have the conference executed without a hitch.

I, for one, am definitely not going to look for another team for our subsequent conferences.

Lina Ashar
Kangaroo Kids Education Ltd

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