“The session was well structured, participative and helped to identify roles and responsibilities.”

Devendra G Asan
General Factory Manager
Hindustan Unilever Ltd.

Client Results

IDC India

Developing a growth culture for Swasth India

Client Challenge

  • Swasth India is a social business organisation, working towards improving the health of low-income segments in urban and rural India.
  • Being a start-up organization it lacked a cohesive culture, leading to conflicts, that immobilized decision making and action.
  • The top management of Swasth India requested Flow Consulting to help them develop a growth culture built around their organization values and ethos.

Our Role

  • To assess the existing cultural environment
  • To create employee ownership to organization vision and mission
  • To create a growth culture around core values of mutual respect and open communication.


  • Created commitment to organization goals and linked them to individual aspirations
  • Identified core values and how they operate in  Swasth India
  • Creating a cohesive culture around Swasth India values 


“We, at Swasth India, are a start-up organization of highly-motivated individuals. But despite our previous corporate experience, we faced the initial challenges of a growing organisation, especially with respect to -- communication, inter-personal relationships and conflict management.

Flow Consulting's interventions enabled us to tide over these teething problems.
We found their approach refreshing because it involved dialogue, appreciation of the individual's personality and most importantly, sensitivity to the organisation's developing culture.

Thanks to Flow Consulting, today we have an atmosphere of mutual respect and open communication within Swasth India”

Ankur Pegu
Swasth India

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