"Their insightful MBTI session left us with a deeper awareness of ourselves and their experiential workshop on stakeholder engagement resulted in clear take-away's in terms of concrete tools and new perspectives.”

Vandana Goyal
The Akanksha Foundation

Client Testimonials


“I feel fortunate to experience Ajay’s work as organizational change consultant, in the past 10 months of building KA Hospitality. I look forward to taking this organization development initiative forward to further strengthen KA Hospitality. Ajay's contribution to KA has laid the foundation for scaling our operations for further expansion. It is difficult to capture in words his role in transitioning KA Hospitality towards professional management. I have highlighted the most significant contributions of Ajay in helping me and our leadership team in building KA Hospitality.

I strongly recommend Ajay, for his expertise in Organization Development Consulting services, to all organizations, particularly to family / founder owned organizations, which are looking to transition from being founder driven to being professionally managed.

Ajay is an organization change catalyst par excellence!

Kishor Bajaj
Chairman and Managing Director
KA Hospitatiity Pvt. Ltd.
The Badasaab Group


“The changes have trickled in a ‘top-down’ manner and what Flow has accomplished is a start of much needed efforts to enrich interpersonal rapport, understand accountability and decrease stress levels. Ajay and Payal’s involvement and interest was seen through all tiers of the workforce and most importantly, they were fearless to point out what was not working irrespective of the hierarchy. The health of an organization is completely dependent on the people and with Flow’s help, we now have awakened minds. A Flow ‘health-check’ is recommended to jump start organizations to move forward in the right direction.”

MOS Logo

Mehul Desai
Founder and Chairman
Mail Order Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.


“A fortuitous meeting with Payal Gupta and Ajay Kalra through the Bombay Hub lead us to believe we had found the kind of facilitators we could trust implicitly to achieve our goals. While our project is still a work in progress, the FLOW duo have already helped us at MDA to reassess roles within the top administration, establish clear lines of open communication and delineate individual roles. Most importantly, the group sessions encouraged staff to voice their concerns and set the stage for more healthy discussions to sort out individual differences. We already see this new atmosphere of openness leading to better participation by staff members in group activities and organizational tasks even at this early stage, and look forward to continuing to work with Payal and Ajay in the areas of strategic planning and organizational development to fulfill, re-energize and restructure our organization to meet the ever-changing aspirations of our stakeholders.

MDA Logo

Kate Currawalla
Maharashtra Dyslexia Association

Group Coaching

“It was amazing to see how Payal and Ajay without being part of the organization, how beautifully and actively, got involved in the discussion ,coming up with ideas and solutions to get us where we want to be. We felt they were part of the team and we were together striving towards achieving the common goal of bringing each and every Team Lead of the organization on the same platform.”

Prime Connect - MND Logo

Mohua Banerjee
Head – Human Resources
Media Network & Distribution (India) Ltd.

Group Coaching

“Flow ran a leadership development retreat for our social entrepreneur investees with great skill, grace and flexibility. It’s also wonderful to see Ajay and Payal clearly so passionate about and aligned with their work. Highly recommended.”

Unltd Logo

Richard Alderson
Co-founder and Director
Unltd India


“What I appreciate most was their ability to connect with, respect and appreciate the uniqueness of the Gandhi Fellows. This attitude percolated to the fellows and so they were able to draw real appreciation and respect from the Fellows. Flow has made a huge contribution to this growth in the journey of the 40 fellows.”

KEF Logo

Tripti Vyas
Head – Gandhi Fellowship
Kaivyalya Education Foundation

Stakeholder meeting

“Flow Consulting really did know how to go with the Flow!   At a time when I was learning a new environment and about my colleagues and was required to plan a high level meeting with several external partners they were patient and listened to the multiple levels of feedback and were able to adapt a meeting design to fit our needs. 

They spent a lot of time up front planning then during facilitation definitely had to go with the flow as the meeting had numerous last minute changes.  Throughout the process Ajay and Payal listened patiently to our requirements, were open to change and came up with a flexible meeting design. Their facilitation was an effective balance between personal and professional and they truly flowed with the requirements of the stakeholders during the meeting. This was followed by a process report that gave valuable insights for future meetings. We would highly recommend Flow Consulting for design and facilitation of meetings of various stakeholders. They truly co-create!"

Hindustan Unilever Ltd.

Stacie Shelton
Lifebuoy Social Mission Program Manager
Hindustan Unilever Limited


"We would like to thank Flow Consulting for conducting a real good program using MBTI; for identifying personality types of senior members of our F & A team in Mumbai and Pune. It enabled us to acknowledge our individual strengths and appreciate differences amongst team members. It has contributed to enhancing team productivity through better understanding and communication."

WNS Lloyd D'souza
Sr. Manager – Learning & Development - F&A


“Flow consulting gives an amazing insight into organisational development and direction. Allowing people to get a macro view of where they want to go, while addressing the micro challenges in getting there. We would recommend their services to all as a benefit to all companies looking for organisational growth and development!”

WNS Lee Bolding
Founder and Partnerships Manager


“Before moving on to our next financial year planning, we at IDC felt the need to listen to people and their issues. In the last one year during the slowdown, our communication channels may not have worked so well and due to some difficult decisions like salary cuts, we could sense a dip in employee morale.

Flow Consulting carried out a study by talking to each and every individual in the organization and on the basis of that, designed workshops for senior and middle level executives. We spent time talking about issues, which were bothering people. And it really resulted in an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect.

Their unique blend of sensing capability and understanding of human behavior helped us to bring up the right issue for discussion, at the right time. They really made the energies 'flow'; energies which were stuck for quite some time due to lack of expression.”

IDC India Kapil Dev Singh
Country Manager
IDC (India) Limited


“We, at Swasth India, are a start-up organization of highly-motivated individuals. But despite our previous corporate experience, we faced the initial challenges of a growing organisation, especially with respect to -- communication, inter-personal relationships and conflict management.

Flow Consulting's interventions enabled us to tide over these teething problems.

We found their approach refreshing because it involved dialogue, appreciation of the individual's personality and most importantly, sensitivity to the organisation's developing culture.

Thanks to Flow Consulting, today we have an atmosphere of mutual respect and open communication within Swasth India”

IDC India Ankur Pegu
Swasth India


"Ajay and Payal deeply engaged with Akanksha staff in order to understand our context and needs, thereby helping us to achieve our objectives for our training with future school leaders. They demonstrated strong facilitation skills and their intuitive ability to assess and adapt to the the needs and energy of the leaders during the delivery of their carefully planned workshop.

Their insightful MBTI session left us with a deeper awareness of ourselves and their experiential workshop on stakeholder engagement resulted in clear take-away's in terms of concrete tools and new perspectives."

IDC India Vandana Goyal
The Akanksha Foundation


Most of us who attended the training session would agree with me that this was one of the best training sessions we have attended in our careers.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Flow Consulting for making our team believe in themselves and instilling confidence in each one of us in order to stand & deliver in front of an audience. And at the end of the session the difference was there for all of us to see.

Thanks again Flow Consulting for bringing out the best in all of us and we look forward for more such opportunities to improve ourselves.

  Head of Finance
*India's Largest Media House

*Name cannot be shared due to non-disclosure agreement


“Kangaroo Kids Education Limited designs an innovative curriculum whose success ultimately depends on its effective implementation at schools.

The objective of the KKEL principal’s conference ‘Innovative Ideas 2010’ was to have our school principals appreciate and understand the principles underlying the curriculum and the spirit of its implementation.

Despite the very short timelines and the complexity of the task, Ajay and Payal were able to achieve this objective, in a way, that went beyond our expectations; in the creative and highly engaging way that they designed the conference. Their passion towards the conference was as keen as ours and they guided and assisted us from conceptualization to finish including the mundane details of execution which most others expect clients to look into. They even did a pre-conference interaction (not part of the contract!) that helped bring the entire team on the same page and have the conference executed without a hitch.

I, for one, am definitely not going to look for another team for our subsequent conferences. ”

Kangaroo Kids Lina Ashar
Kangaroo Kids Education Ltd.