"Their insightful MBTI session left us with a deeper awareness of ourselves and their experiential workshop on stakeholder engagement resulted in clear take-away's in terms of concrete tools and new perspectives.”

Vandana Goyal
The Akanksha Foundation

Flow Story

I am Flow Consulting. I was born on 25th October 2009 as an idea in the mind of my founder Ajay Kalra. He sought the support of my co-founder Payal Gupta. They were batch mates at the Organization Development Certification Program. Each had a decade long experience in the corporate world and they were at that stage in life where the question was “What next?”

I was the answer to that question.

Ajay has had an interesting journey. After qualifying as a Chartered Accountant, he spent considerable time analyzing financial statements of various companies, in his role as a consultant at Price Waterhouse Coopers. His deep interest in personal growth and human behaviour inspired him to shift to human resources during his tenure at Schindler India. He put to effective use his experience of systems and human processes at Edelweiss, where he was at the forefront of designing and implementing Human Resource systems. The year 2009 was a landmark year for Ajay. On a learning sabbatical he realized the potential for developing organizational capability - systemically.

Ajay has a passion for learning. Designing learning systems, creating learning spaces and building learning organizations. He believes people are born with intrinsic motivation, self-respect, dignity, curiosity to learn and the joy of learning. The prevailing linear system of education and management erodes that innate wholeness, resulting in blocks. His mission is to release these blocks and allow creativity to flow.

Payal partnered Ajay from the very start. She stood by him through good and bad times and they both laboured to help me grow. She is no longer a part of the Flow Story, yet her spirit will always be infused in the foundation that gave birth to my story. Her desire to find her own expression led her to undertake her own independent journey on 25th June 2012.

Ajay believes the Flow Story has just begun. It will unfold in the next twenty years. He has a desire to influence human thought through his work. Create self-awareness simply for the love of it. At times I feel he is an idealist. Yet I have seen him grow alongside me and can vouch for the passion he brings to his work. For him Flow Consulting is not a means for livelihood, it is a medium of self-expression.

It was a pleasure to share my story with you and I look forward to adding exciting new chapters to it.

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