"Their insightful MBTI session left us with a deeper awareness of ourselves and their experiential workshop on stakeholder engagement resulted in clear take-away's in terms of concrete tools and new perspectives.”

Vandana Goyal
The Akanksha Foundation

Participant Testimonials

“A simple way to communicate a complex model – in a comprehensive way!”
Sweta Jain - Head HR
Standard Chartered – STCI Capital Markets Ltd.

“The concept of an organization development in comparison to an individual’s growth was very enlightening. It was very interesting to understand an organization’s sustainability through the Organization Lifecycle.”
Veena Shetty - Manager Training
Bayer India Ltd

"I was quite delighted with Ajay and Payal’s presentation on Organisation Lifecycle at the Trainers Forum event. It was an eye-opener for me and have found the Adizes model very useful!"
Arun Vishwanathan - Founder
Trainers Forum

“Good presentation! Could relate to my own organization’s lifecycle and can handle difficult organization situations better.”
Vinod S Warrier - Corporate Training Manager
Blue Cross Laboratories Ltd

"Excellent! I don’t know whether this is the way Socrates built capacity of people through questioning and reasoning. But if this is not the way he used, he would use it if he knew it!"
Rajkuman Janagam – President


“The session was well structured, participative and helped to identify roles and responsibilities."
Devendra G Asan - General Factory Manager (Retd)
Hindustan Unilever Ltd.

“I liked the organization lifecycle and the discussions around the model.”
Ravi Kodukala - Vice President and Global Head – Learning & Development
Patni Computer Systems Ltd

“It was fascinating! I was sceptical at the start about what would be achieved, but I ended up with a clearer idea of about how we could grow out of ‘infancy’. I am more convinced about the importance of our staff and how much we need to invest in them.”
Chris Way - Co-founder
Reality Gives

I was a part of a group of social entrepreneurs who attended a two day workshop with Flow Consulting. I loved the way Ajay and Payal asked questions in a continuous flow, from which emerged directions for me to find answers.
Vasumathi Sriganesh – CEO

“An eye opening session to co-relate the Orgnaization Lifecycle curve with my work with different organizations.” Vijayta Panjwani - Corporate Manager – Training & Development
Kanakia Group

“The organiszation lifecycle model will help me in building my own organization, in line with my passion.” -
Deepak Mohapatra - Head – Business Development
Brianna Knowledge Resources Pvt. Ltd.

“I liked the concept, the delivery and the involvement of the audience.”
Vijay L Kanbur - Senior Vice President – Human Resources
Onward Technology

The learning that I take back from this session is that I am capable to take more risks on me and also to achieve goals by taking those. I am able to break my mental block and move ahead with a person in me that I always wanted to be.
Jui Gangan – Co-Founder

“In the session we could relate where an organization is at each level and what kind of change techniques are workable at each level.”
Roopa Thomas - Assistant Manager – Talent Management
Tata Teleservices Ltd.

“Flow consulting gives an amazing insight into organisational development and direction. Allowing people to get a macro view of where they want to go, while addressing the micro challenges in getting there. We would recommend their services to all as a benefit to all companies looking for organisational growth and development!”
Lee Bolding- Founder and Partnerships Manager

“An excellent and indepth presentation of organization lifecycle. Helped me gain new insights. Ajay and Payal are excellent facilitators.”
Vipul Kukreja - CEO
M2S Consulting (India) Pvt. Ltd.

“The session was very informative and interactive. It certainly provides me good learning given my ambition to start my own organisation someday. Thanks to Ajay and Payal for an energetic session.”
Saurabh Karade - Manager
Ugam Solutions Pvt. Ltd

“Very practical, no gyan!”
Santosh Bagwe - Head – HR
Dr. Batra’s Positive Health Clinic Pvt. Ltd.

“Interactive and draws from participant experience.”
Sathi Aichdharap - Head - HR
Quant Capital Pvt. Ltd.

“Great experience!”
Alok Sheopurkar - Sr. Vice President and Head HR
HDFC Asset Management Co. Ltd.

“A very relevant , informative and participative session. Content was to the point. A fruitful experience!”
Manjiri D Shanbhag
Manger – HR
SLE India Pvt. Ltd.

“Flow Consultant just flow with you and help you to find the way."
Darshana - Coach

“Great concept!”
Shilpa Wagh - Senior Manager – HR

“Good interaction and minimal use of jargon!”
Anshuman Nadkarni
Chief Executive
Barot Hotels Pvt. Ltd.

“Very enlightening and educative.”
Jairam N Pai - Trainer

“MBTI was interesting! Would love to know more about it.”
Lopa Gandhi - Coach