“In the session we could relate where an organization is at each level and what kind of change techniques are workable at each level.”

Roopa Thomas
Assistant Manager – Talent Management
Tata Teleservices Ltd.

What We Do

Organization Lifecycle

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As organizations grow and age they progress through predictable lifecycle stages. Each stage brings increased organisational complexity as well as new and unique challenges. Strategy, structure, levels of delegation, goals, rewards systems and methods of operating usually differ quite markedly in each stage of the organization lifecycle. How well or how poorly leadership addresses the challenges and demands of each stage will determine the success or failure of the organisation.

How we help you to Flow

Flow Consulting has developed powerful tools under it's service brands:

They enable organizations to navigate these difficulties and reach Prime – the optimal FLOW experience for an organisation. Only Prime organizations are able to deliver the triple bottom line where:

1. The marketplace wants your products

2. Investors want to own your stock

3. The best people in the industry want to work with your company

Click here for Organization Lifecycle Assessment Quiz